We make sure that all first aid equipment used meets HSE recommendations and are suitable for the majority of workplaces. All appliances are mounted to the station using brackets, which are included in the price.

To learn more about each piece of first aid apparatus, please see below. 

Evolution First Aid Kit

  • Suitable for 11-20 people
  • Robust, water-resistant & easy to clean case


Kit contents:

  • 1 x First aid guidance leaflet
  • 40 x HypaPlast washproof plasters
  • 4 x HypaCover eye dressings
  • 4 x HypaBand triangular bandages
  • 12 x HypaBand safety pins
  • 9 x HypaCover first aid dressings (12 x 12cm)
  • 3 x HypaCover first aid dressings (18 x 18cm)
  • 10 x HypaClean moist wipes
  • 4 x HypaTouch disposable gloves (pair)

Evolution Eye-Wash Kit

  • Economical, quick fix for storing eye-wash and dressings
  • 0.9% sterile saline solution for irrigating contaminated eyes


Kit contents:

  • 2 x HypaClens sterile eye-wash (500ml each)
  • 2 x HypaCover sterile eye dressings

Cederroth Salvequick Plaster Dispenser

  • Comes with a dustproof lid
  • Plaster refills can only be removed using a special key (also supplied)
  • Easy to use with one hand


Kit contents:

  • 40 x fabric plasters
  • 45 x plastic plasters (washproof)

Cederroth Eye-Wash Bottles

  • Essential when working with chemicals
  • Neutralises effects of acid or alkaline splashes
  • Isotonic borate buffered sodium chloride solution without preservatives
  • Shelf life of 4.5 years
  • Quick, easy-open bottle design, with dust cover


Kit contents:

  • 2 x Cederroth eye-wash bottles