Massively flexible in their functions, post-mounted signs are a commonplace in most businesses. Normally placed outside, they're an efficient and cost-effective method of displaying critical information.

We're able to supply your company with bespoke post-mounted signage. Simply get in touch to discuss how we can assist and the options available to you.

What Are Post-Mounted Signs?

One of the most versatile types of outdoor signage, post-mounted signs are used for a huge number of purposes, across a wide variety of business types.

Unattached to walls or other buildings, the sign is held in place by two poles that have been placed into holes in the ground.

Whether utilised to promote a brand, display clear information or regulations, or to welcome visitors, the simplicity of post-mounted signage helps to ensure they'll be noticed and understood.

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Post-Mounted Sign Production

In most cases, we use laminated, aluminium compound panels when producing post-mounted signs, as these materials are long-lasting and durable in outdoor conditions.

We're also able to provide a range of steel or wood posts, in loads of colours, to meet your signage requirements and ensure the final look is fantastic.

If you require any support designing or installing your signs, we can absolutely help out. Simply get in touch and we'll discuss how we're able to lend a hand.

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