Self-adhesive vinyl stickers are made from PVC material with an adhesive backing. We use high-tech air release vinyl, that prevents air bubbles and means all that's needed is to peel off the back layer and apply the sticker to a smooth surface.

It's extremely flexible and, as we apply a layer of lamination, is strong, durable and can be wiped clean. Due to the laminate finish, our self-adhesive vinyl can be used both indoors and externally.

3mm printed foamex is made from extruded PVC sheet and is a versatile and cost-effective option. The even surface makes it perfect for high-definition printing, meaning your signage will look fantastic.

Foamex is extremely water resistant, making it a brilliant, cheaper solution for outdoor signs. It's also lightweight and sturdy, so you can transport foamex signage easily and is an easy material to work with when installing.

3mm aluminium composite consists of a polyethylene core that's faced with two thin sheets of aluminium. It's almost impossible to separate the layers, meaning it won't be easily damaged. If your budget allows, we'd always recommend this material when purchasing outdoor signage.

The composite has a smooth finish so is great for printing on and, although slightly more expensive than foamex, it's more than worth the cost due to being longer-lasting.